Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

Building 330: Comparison of Moisture and Temperature Behavior on a Greened and Graveled Flat Roof


Based on data measured on a greened and a graveled flat roof, both roofs are to be compared in terms of their thermal and moisture loads. By means of temperature sensors and TAUPE cable sensors, temperatures and water concentrations are measured directly on both roofs.

Both roofs are located on the building of the Institute of Functional Interfaces (building 330) on Campus North of KIT. The greened flat roof covers the old part of the Institute, the graveled flat roof the new part.

Among others, influence on the water budget (retention behavior of the roof structure, run-off, and load of the sewer system), urban climate (water storage and evaporation), mechanical load due to high temperature fluctuations, and improvement of the room climate underneath the roof (summer: Cooler, winter: Warmer) are to be studied.