Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

DgKA - Durable Constructions in Karlsruhe: Influence of Moisture on Buildings and in Particular of Aqueous Road Salt Solutions on Bridges in Winter


In the management of buildings, i.e. structural engineering, underground, and engineering constructions, lifecycle assessment is gaining importance. Durable buildings that do not require any reconstruction during their calculated lifetime are not only financially advantageous for the owners.

The project “Dauerhaft gebautes Karlsruhe” (DgKA, Durable Constructions in Karlsruhe) is aimed at verifying this approach by using infrastructure facilities of the city of Karlsruhe as examples. Criteria and process flows for lifecycle assessment are to be developed (quality management) in order to meet the durability requirement. Monitoring of physical parameters, e.g. penetrating moisture, is to be achieved by using adequate sensors.

In cooperation with the city of Karlsruhe, TAUPE cable sensors were installed into a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians crossing the B36. They are to indicate the effects of moisture, e.g. salt-containing spray whirled up by passing cars, on the concrete material and iron reinforcement.

The project is designed as a long-term experiment and has been conducted since 2008 without any damage and disturbances. Further applications in public buildings are planned.