Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

Development of a Borehole Evapometer



Bildinschriften: Wasserzufluss Kalke = Water supply limes // Technische Barrieren = Technical barriers // Wasserstoff = Hydrogen // Heizversuch = Heating test // Störzone = Fault zone // Bohrlochversiegelung = Borehole sealing // Opalinuston = Opalinus clay // Gasfliesswege = Gas flow paths // Aufschluss „sandige Faszies“ = Exploration of “sandy fascia”

At the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory in Switzerland, 1:1 experiments can be carried out to study the suitability of clay rock as a host rock for geological repositories of radioactive waste. This requires knowledge of hydraulic, physical, thermal, and chemical properties of the clay rock.

To determine hydraulic permeability of the clay rock, a borehole evapometer was developed, by means of which moisture flow is measured in a closed section of a borehole. Measurement accuracy of the evapometer is to be improved by application of a dielectric measurement method.