Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

Influence of Local Groundwater Extraction by Waterworks on the Lowering of the Groundwater Level and Groundwater Reformation

According to the European Flora-Fauna Habitat Directive, the groundwater level in protection zones is to be left unaffected, if possible, in order to minimize effects on biodiversity. The plant and animal stock in the protection zone is to be preserved. For this reason, waterworks have to monitor the new formation of groundwater when extracting drinking water from the groundwater reservoir and to take appropriate measures to counteract excessive lowering of the groundwater level.

Most methods previously used to monitor the ground area down to the groundwater are discontinuous, costly from the human resources point of view, and require a high time expenditure.

A new pipe sensor was installed in the ground, by means of which both integral and locally resolved water volume measurements can be accomplished. The method works according to the principle of the TAUPE cable sensor and uses the TDR technology for the measurements.