Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

Infuence on Biofilms during Water Supply - Characterization of Biofilms after the Specific Technical Manipulation

The project is aimed at developing measures, by means of which biofilms in drinking water lines can be manipulated such that

  • no hygienic deficiencies result and
  • potential protection functions of the biofilms can be used.

Work is planned to by far exceed previously performed studies. Newly developed methods for the detection of sensitive molecular biology parameters, such as bacterial stress and metabolic factors, are to be applied. In a test rig with various flow paths and stagnation areas, effects of various disinfection techniques on drinking water-relevant materials are studied at variable water qualities and stages of biofilm development.

In addition, water chemistry analyses are to be made to determine basic parameters, organic water constituents, and by-products of disinfection. To ensure economic success, work will focus on operation conduct in water supply systems.

The catalog of measures to be developed may also be used to plan new facilities. Studies will be complemented by a novel method to measure and monitor biofilm growth. It is based on modified pipe sensors and the TDR technique.