Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

5th CMM Autumn School

  • place:

    Hotel Erbprinz, Ettlingen

  • sws:

    October 8-9, 2019

  • Aim of the Autumn School is to present the state of knowledge of water binding and moisture measurement in soils, clays and construction materials. The Autumn School focusses particularly on the needs of young scientists (MSc , PhD students and PostDocs) but is open to all who work in the field either in science or application.


    The first day covers mineralogical, chemical and physical fundamentals of moisture measurement. Fundamentals comprise mineralogy of clay minerals and other minerals and their water binding mechanisms as a reliable calibration of in-situ moisture measurements requires understanding of structure-functionality-relation of mineral materials. After an introduction into the dielectric properties of water, the effect of solutes will be discussed for aqueous solutions of electrolytes and of nonpolar and polar organic molecules. (Semi-)empirical approaches and mixture equations as well as broadband relaxation models will be illustrated for transformation of measured permittivity into water content. Finally, various dielectric techniques and sensors for moisture measurement in soils, clays and building materials will be shown.

    The second day provides the opportunity for extensive discussion amongst participants after keynotes that cover the importance of water content in soil science, clay science and construction.

    The program:

    • Clay Mineralogy and Mineralogy of Building Materials       Katja Emmerich, CMM-KIT
    • Hydration Properties of Clay Minerals                              Eric Ferrage, University Poitiers
    • Dielectric Properties of Water and Solutions                    Richard Buchner, University Regensburg
    • Models for the Permittivity of Soils                                  Norman Wagner
    • Sensors and Moisture Measurement in Soils,                                                                     Barriers and Building Materials                                       Franz Königer, CMM-KIT   


    • Water Content in Soils (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)       Wolfgang Durner, University Braunschweig
    • Water Content in Clay Rock and implications for                                                             Radioactive Waste Repositories                                     N.N.
    • Water Content in Building Materials                                Christoph Strangfeld, BAM Berlin


    10. Autumn School and 5. CMM-Meeting 2019 Flyer