Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM)

Innovative Feuchtemessung in Forschung und Praxis und Vorstellung der Forschergruppe Feuchtemesstechnik. Universität Karlsruhe

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    June 8, 2005

2nd Workshop on 8th of June, 2005


This second workshop on ‘Innovative Moisture Measurement in Theory and Praxis’ was all about the Soil Moisture Group (SMG). It was aimed at the presentation of the different technical backgrounds of the numerous members of the research group and their often path-breaking experiments and developments especially on the field of electrophysical moisture measurement techniques.

Again the audience was interested persons and potential customers of both scientific institutions and authorities and private companies dealing with moisture related problems.

After a short ‘historical’ outline on the development of the young research group, the SMG and the participating institutes and members were presented. Invited speaker Prof. Kurt Roth from the University of Heidelberg pointed out the particular importance and challenges related with the measurement of soil water content, originally being the initial fundamental interest of the first researchers that led to the foundation of the SMG. As an example of the numerous outstanding developments, an extended Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technique, the ‘spatial TDR’ was introduced, allowing for the first the determination of soil moisture profiles along embedded waveguides. Motivation and innovation as well as modeling and finally the application of this new technique in landfill liners and flood water dikes were demonstrated.

But also other contributions of the work of the SMG dealing with neutron probe soil water measurements, numerical modeling of water movement in unsaturated capillary porous media or geophysical measurement methods for soil water and soil ice found an interested audience.

After this detailed presentation of the groups own work in this second workshop, it is planned to lay the focus of the coming event again on contributions from outside the University to map the general status quo in moisture measurement.


No proceedings were compiled for this workshop.