Welcome to the Center of Competence for Material Moisture


The Competence Center for Material Moisture (CMM) is an interdisciplinary institution of the KIT affiliated to the Institute for Concrete Structures and Building Materials (IMB), department of Building Materials and Concrete Construction (IMB/BT - www.imb.kit.edu), engaged in the field of investigating moisture induced and controlled processes in mineral systems by a well-based characterization of materials and advanced developments of moisture measurement techniques.

In doing so the CMM is supported by an advisory board which will help the CMM to face new challenges both in the fundamental science of water-particle interactions and in the application of new moisture measurement techniques in practice.

The processing of these topics requires interdisciplinary networks of Universities and research facilities but also with industrial partners, public authorities and users. These networks will be extended based on existing collaborations.

Especially partnerships with industrial customers are of significant importance for us, since they allow the transfer of our results into practical applications. We are pleased to seize your ideas and suggestions and are eager to develop concepts for their technical implementations. We are also capable of adopting the management and controlling of projects as well as consulting issues.


10th CMM meeting and 5th CMM Autumn school October 2019

Program 10th CMM Meeting and 5th Autumn School 2019

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